Reveal the full potential of your
photovoltaic plant

Innovative services and technologies for
optimal performance over the long term

Evaluate your power plant

Through digital technology, Quantom pushes the limits of solar energy

Find out how to sustainably increase your income



Performance audit

Analyse historical data to identify degradations

The invisible made visible through our analysis algorithms

Identification of more than 20 types of degradation affecting performance

Discover X-PLORE


Optimize output

Update the technology of your system with the latest innovations

Power plant optimization for an outperformance of at least 10%

Improve profitability with a return on investment >10%

Discover X-CEL


Smart monitoring

Dynamic visualisation of production, based on real-time data

Performance analysis, anomaly detection and solution proposal

Problems detected and solved faster for more efficient maintenance

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Discover Quantom's proposal

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